The Phoenix (marcikay) wrote in dearnola,
The Phoenix

Dear NoLa,

today, after class i went to see my dad at work. he said i had a gift from my brother and melissa and i should pick it up. so i went. i decided to open it there since it is always better to open gifts with people rather than at home alone. so, i open the box and it is a wrapped CD from sweet, i think to myself, maybe it is like david bowie or something. so i open it. and it isn't bowie, or ANYTHING else i would've guessed. it is a new orleans tribute album. i immediately burst into tears. my dad started freaking out, got me some tissue, shut the door, etc...
it is amazing.

i was on the verge of tears for the rest of the way home, except for when i mistakenly decided to try to read the liner notes on the bart ride to berkeley. yeah, i cried on a full bart train. i didn't care who saw me. it needed to happen.

i am going to listen to my new CD at work tonight, and i'll try not to cry. again.

i miss you.
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