newmoondarkmoon (newmoondarkmoon) wrote in dearnola,

Broken hearted Breakup

How could you do this to me
to us
Just when the pieces were coming together
just when we were almost safe from falling apart you open your doors and let her in
that monster
the one who wanted only to steall your soul and suck you drie
and kill our sweet children
we were so close to happyness

oh you knowi do not blame you
not really
i am just angry
and don't know in which dirrection to through this pain
i only know it can not liv in me anymore
i want to through it out to the sea and to the sky
send it back from wence it came
it is eating my heart with platnum plated teeth

but oh love
that is not your concern how self ish how foolish
i have been to not see what we have on the large scale
your children sleeping in tents in city park
your homes reduced to a pile of splintered building blocks with a big triangle one on top

those fucking blue tarps everywhere you look
living in a house next to a pile of splinters we wonder why ours is still standing

yes i have come to you since you betrayed me
since you betrayed us
i slept inside you all night long
and awoke in the more to feel your golden rays smiling down on my fresh skin
still i had to leave you once more
my fears consume me
how can i trust you will not desert me again
i want to trust you to be;ieve you to believe inyou
i want to do everything i can to make you feel strong again
but i am only a child and i am affraid
it is as simple as that

you always protected me though
on dark nights with lurking figures in the shadows you never let them touch me
you never let me be hurt

not until now

maybe you couldn't help it
you were compelled to openyour doors to her
to open them to another
spreadyour legs wide and take it in deep
you had been faithful for so many years and they all wanted you

oh my love how could i hold it against you
i can not
i blame the other
she fooled you
you werenot prepared for what she brought
i know you didn't want to see our children starve and suffer
our home destroyed
our beautiful and meaningful momentos devoured
never to be seen again and when she came on strong and toppled our favorite tree i know that you wept as i did
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