inkedquill (inkedquill) wrote in dearnola,

You loved me in return.

I have loved you my entire life. When still in my mother's womb I would dance to your lively music and excite for your spicy foods. And I have no doubts, NOLA, that you have given me love in return. Love in the form of friendly strangers, charming anecdotes as told by locals in the bars, noisy streets, shotgun houses, wrought iron fences, roman candy, streetcars, family-friendly suburbs, decadence, art houses, museums, and sporting events. You have shown me love in shading my picnics and book readings under your enormous oaks. You have shown me love in harboring my secret nights of dancing, drinking and cab rides home. You stole my heart and ruined me for any other city.

In return, I will fight for you. Fight for your chance to second-line. Fight for your chance to create amazing music. A single storm can not break your spirit. We have become one, you and I. Melded into a single waxen lady. We are a poor city, yes. But we are also a proud city. We believe life is to be lived to the fullest extent it will allow. Our people live here their whole life and become not a part of the city, but the city itself. You are our brothers and sisters America. Washington DC, you are our father and mother. Do not turn your back on your prodigal child just as she turns to you for a comforting hand. Embrace her and she will endear herself to you.

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