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dear nola

I don't know how to make it in the promised land.
Hmm, or is it Babylon? I will never know
the name of this City.

Is there a demon in her arms,
gallivanting, dancing where the sea is most high?

What will I find in you...left are my dreams
oh sister, my City, my coven, my clan
my covenant land
Let me stay in you!!!

Oh you of bright and marble skies
Bright and blue and gold,
a home for seraphs
six winged, many eyed, soaring aloft they cry
Holy Holy Holy

When will I find myself here?
Can I but wish you to my longing?
Can I come? Please let me come
and rest you in my arms, City. Great is the sea
and far and wide but she
will come and call my heart
to her. I remember angela
I sat many days at your feet
dreaming of heaven, knowing that New Orleans
was only breaths away. Heavy breathing
of the spirit which drew me here,
into Jesus' arms.

When will the calling be? When will I return
if Ever? I cannot believe
that Jesus would give me a place would give me me
and then say to that place
I will wash you away
wash you away
wash you in the streams of my tears

Jesus come and wrap me in your cloak.
Let the colors now anoint the fallen.
We who are weak need your care. New Orleans
is a falling City, but she will get up. An earthly home
For individuals who love God
and neighbor. Oh trusted friend and home,
let me come and paint your streets
with Joy. Let me sing as in days of old
But with new life. Let me come to you
in spring, for it is spring.
the summer is too far
but even then
sultry heat of your numbing spotless love I'd take
and fallen falling in love with you
I would embrace your sunshine.
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