newmoondarkmoon (newmoondarkmoon) wrote in dearnola,

Rebuild New Orleans

Hello Dear Nola Writers,

This letter is not to the city. It is to you guys. The people who live here and care about the city and the ones who can't be here.

Many people have said that we have a chance here to make the city better than it was before.

But I feel like I can not make my ideas heard because I'm not and architect or an engineer or a construction worker or a biologist or an ecologist. And my ideas are not being heard so I wanted to see if anyone else felt that way or had ideas I did not think of. Since this site isn't really being used to write letters anymore I wanted to see if any of you are still checking in here and wanted to do this or if there are any sites where people are already doing this.
I find the forums on a bit of a pain.

Okay so an idea I had the other day was to take some of these brinks that have either been abandoned or crumbled to the ground and use them to fill in some of these monster pot holes that threaten to unexpectedly eat you car. Break up the brinks fill them in what ever it takes done deal.

If anybody has any feed back or ideas they want to share let me know.
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